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Members get the change to define and prioritize the most pressing challenges we want to tackle, as well as influence how we tackle them. Among the critical challenges your peers want to address include:


Solving the critical problems related to transplant procedures and infectious complications within donor selection 


How gene editing can be utilized to increase the efficacy and durability of allogeneic drug products


Identifying the characteristics of the perfect donor for each cell type


Enhancing cell potency without increasing toxicity


Effectively scaling up the manufacturing of allogeneic drug products


Creating a suitable clinical safety assurance procedure

The feedback from members speaks for itself…

Oliver Kraemer, Head of Gene Edited Platforms, BMS

“This is such a fast moving field and we’re all learning together. Every new paper published and every new clinical trial adds more to the picture. There is huge benefit of strategic exchange in sharing what’s working and what’s not”

Iulia Diaconu, VP Immunotherapy, ElevateBio

"Searchlight: Allogeneic Cell Therapy offers connections and insights that aren't possible to access anywhere else, and gives us the opportunity to collaborate and build partnerships to help us all move forward in ways we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to."

Carlos Yuraszeck, Executive Director of GMP Operations, Astellas

"It's possible in our industry to become very isolated and insular, but what's clear to me is that we can’t really do this on our own as effectively as if we work together: it’s way too complicated, there are too many moving parts. For the good of the community, the industry and our patients, we should be actively looking for opportunities to learn from each other, and this is a perfect chance to do just that."

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