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Unlocking the potential of allogeneic cell therapies as game-changing treatments is undeniably exciting. However, there are critical hurdles to overcome before achieving widespread success.

A major roadblock lies in the scalable manufacturing of allogeneic drug products. The rapidly evolving nature of this field demands innovative technology that enables efficient and scalable manufacturing, aligned with current development methodologies.

Yet, we face a 'chicken and egg' predicament. Without significant market success, service providers hesitate to invest in new manufacturing technologies. Conversely, the absence of scalable manufacturing solutions inhibits drug developers from producing allogeneic products at scale.

That's why we've launched this groundbreaking initiative. By uniting leaders from the drug development and service provider community, we aim to tackle this challenge head-on, fostering alignment and identifying where innovative technology can best serve the industry's needs.

Scalable manufacturing priorities

  • Cutting-edge insights from industry leaders
  • Techniques to improve process analytical technologies
  • Strategies to automate fill and finish processes
  • Explorations into emerging technologies and future trends
  • Solutions for overcoming system closure challenges
  • Implementation of aseptic techniques and best practices
  • Ways to optimize media formulations for cell culture
  • Regulatory issues relation to manufacturing of cell therapies

General priorities

  • Effectively scaling up the manufacturing of allogeneic drug products
  • How gene editing can be utilized to increase the efficacy and durability of allogeneic drug products
  • Identifying the characteristics of the perfect donor for each cell type
  • Enhancing cell potency without increasing toxicity
  • Solving the critical problems related to transplant procedures and infectious complications within donor selection
  • Creating a suitable clinical safety assurance procedure

Innovation doesn't happen in isolation

Searchlight makes meaningful progress

Bristol Myers Squibb - An Allogeneic Cell Therapy Searchlight member

"This is such a fast moving field and we’re all learning together. Every new paper published and every new clinical trial adds more to the picture. There is huge benefit of strategic exchange in sharing what’s working and what’s not."

Astellas - An Allogeneic Cell Therapy Searchlight member

"It's possible in our industry to become very isolated and insular, but what's clear that we can’t do this on our own as effectively as if we work together. For the good of the community, the industry and our patients, we should be actively looking for opportunities to learn from each other, and Searchlight is a perfect chance to do just that."

Elevate Bio - An Allogeneic Cell Therapy Searchlight member

"Allogeneic Cell Therapy Searchlight offers connections and insights that aren't possible to access anywhere else, and gives us the opportunity to collaborate and build partnerships to help us all move forward in ways we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to."

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