Upcoming Virtual Workshops


Scalable Manufacturing of Allogeneic Cell Therapies

What: A virtual workshop, senior level only. No fee to register your interest and attend the meeting. Please be aware this is part of a subscription solution.

When & where: June 15, 2023 | 11AM EDT | Digital via Zoom

Topic:  With the promise of allogeneic therapies to meet the increased patient demand for life-changing cell therapies, there is a need now more than ever to overcome the scalable manufacturing challenges associated with advanced gene edited products. 

Achieving scalable manufacturing of allogeneic cell therapies requires careful consideration of critical factors, such as the selection of appropriate starting materials, optimal culture conditions, and efficient purification and quality control measures. Incorporating automation and process control technologies can streamline the manufacturing process and ensure consistency and reproducibility of the final product. 

While there are still obstacles to surmount, ongoing investment in research and development and collaboration amongst the whole industry spanning biopharma, academia and solution providers will be vital in accelerating progress towards the mass production of these promising therapies.


Part 1: Ignite your vision and generate alignment 

  • 30 mins to unleash your vision for scalable manufacturing. Let's conquer the challenges together! 
  • Get exclusive insights from industry-leading vendors based on discussions and survey results (25 mins). 

Part 2: Recap, strategize, and outline a game plan for success: 

  • In just 25 mins, our Strategic Scientific Advisors will summarize the crucial points from Part 1, laying the foundation for the next steps: 
    • Set ambitious goals and define measurable outputs. 
    • Uncover the expected impact on the industry. 
    • Discover the vital contributions of drug developers and service providers. 
    • Craft a powerful roadmap for the future. 

Why: The event is driven by interaction between participants and promotes candid exchange of information between companies. Only senior-level execs are invited. You will make high-quality new connections and learn from peers about best practice.

Audience: Allogeneic cell therapy drug developers, pioneers, innovators, researchers and academics.

Format: A virtual discussion that will manage the conversation around this key theme, allowing natural flow then unstructured chat at the end.

Meeting contributors: Contributors will be announced soon.

Topic Breakdown:

  • Improving process analytical technologies 
  • Automating fill and finish 
  • Overview of available technologies and future direction 
  • System closure challenges 
  • Aseptic technologies 
  • Media formulations 


We have a limited number of trial places available at this virtual workshop. If you would value the opportunity to see how joining the Allogeneic Cell Therapy Searchlight network can help you, apply to join this meeting.

An Opportunity to Engage with Cell therapy Leaders from the likes of: