Jo Brewer

Jo Brewer

Company: Adaptimmune

Job title: Senior Vice President, Allogeneic Research



Dr. Jo Brewer has served as Senior Vice President, Allogeneic Research since December 2019. She leads our efforts to generate new, off-the-shelf, cell therapies for people with cancer, as well as our work to develop the manufacturing processes for these therapies. Dr. Brewer has led our Allogeneic Research team since 2018. Dr. Brewer has more than 18 years of experience in immunotherapy research, specifically preclinical development of assets from the early research phase towards first-in-human trials. Dr. Brewer was one of the founding scientists at Adaptimmune in 2008, working on the early SPEAR T-cell programs such as NY-ESO (now transitioned to GSK) and ADP-A2AFP. She built multiple research teams over 11 years aimed at improving the efficacy of SPEAR T-cell therapies through translational learning leading to the development of multiple next-gen approaches the first of which, ADP-A2M4CD8, is being tested in the SURPASS trial. Dr. Brewer worked as a Senior Scientist at Avidex (the predecessor company to Adaptimmune), between 2001 and 2006, working on the autoimmune disease programs. She remained at Medigene as a Group Leader, following its acquisition of Avidex, until 2008.

Location: Greater Oxford Area, United Kingdom


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