Allogeneic Cell Therapy Searchlight: Scalable Manufacturing Initiative in Focus

Scalable Manufacturing Initiative

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Marta Barisa and Evren Alici, the Allogeneic Cell Therapy Searchlight network recently convened for a workshop. The focus was sharp: delving into the pressing challenges and evolving strategies in the sphere of scalable manufacturing. Aimed at pinpointing the obstacles in the allogeneic cell therapy landscape, this pivotal session marked…Read more

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Unlocking the Power of Cytokines in Allogeneic Cell Therapies

the Power of Cytokines

 A New Paradigm in Cell Therapies The world of cell therapy is buzzing, and a groundbreaking paper authored by Chen-Yuan Kao, Jason A. Mills, Carl J. Burke, Barry Morse, and Bruno F. Marques shines light on an integral component: cytokines. Their study, titled ‘Role of Cytokines and Growth Factors in the Manufacturing of iPSC-Derived Allogeneic…Read more

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Allogeneic Cell Therapy: From Origins to Future Innovations 

Allogeneic Cell Therapy

The Genesis of Allogeneic Cell Therapy:  When it comes to cancer treatment, allogeneic cell therapy is nothing short of revolutionary. Stemming from the concept of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation presented 60 years ago, it opened doors to innovative treatments for various diseases, especially leukemia. However, challenges arose, like graft versus host disease (GVHD) and regimen-related…Read more

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Unlocking the Potential: Natural Killer Cells in Cancer Therapy

Natural Killer Cells

Introducing Allogeneic Natural Killer Cell Therapy     Melissa M. Berrien-Elliott, Miriam T. Jacobs, and Todd A. Fehniger present a deep dive into the medical community’s exploration against cancer with their paper on ‘Allogeneic natural killer cell therapy’. As the race to find more effective cancer treatments continues, this paper brings to light the potential of…Read more

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