What is Searchlight: Allogeneic Cell Therapy?

The world’s first invite only network designed exclusively for strategic allo program development leaders which exists to accelerate the clinical translation of allogeneic cell therapies. By helping members overcome shared barriers to faster clinical access and more successful product development

What it is not

A broad, unfocused consortium of unengaged participants:

Allo-focused members influence the group's focus, help facilitate the dialogue and are all invested in the outcome

A place to educate your peers with no value in return:

Members are carefully selected based on development stage and the value they can add to the wider group

A time-sapping talking-shop bogged down in IP issues:

Opportunity-oriented participants steer conversations towards IP-free areas of mutually materially added value

What it does

Membership allows you to plug into a ready-made allo-specific network of peers to work within a facilitated, structured but boundaryless way throughout the year to access vital new thinking, identify critical short cuts and avoid costly mistakes.

This provides vital insights into allogeneic next practice before it becomes best practice and to help overcome shared capacity, durability, efficacy and regulatory challenges

How it works

Before each meeting:

  • Each meeting is preceded by a c.15minute call with the group coordinator (us) where members share their top strategic priorities so we can curate an agenda (the ‘get’)
  • They’ll also share the areas in which they’ve done thinking or work which might be able to add value to the wider group they would be prepared to share (the ‘give’)
  • Based on the themes which will be discussed and the workstreams to be activated in the upcoming meeting, they’ll have a chance to select colleagues to join them

During each meeting:

  • Each meeting begins with every contributor sharing one thing they’ve learned since the last meeting to help provoke new thinking among the wider group
  • The bulk of the meeting then focuses on topics agreed in advance, where contributors share challenges and ideas, followed by dynamic discussion in smaller groups
  • The chair concludes by identifying actions, earmarking resources we want to share with the group, and to outline how we can translate this into immediate action 

After each meeting:

  • Each meeting is followed by an executive summary, capturing the big ideas and detail of the substantive discussions, resources and immediately actionable intel
  • At least once a year, a ‘state of the industry’ whitepaper will be developed out of the exchanges we have in the meetings which will be shared with the wider community
  • We’d also encourage members to continue to engage with each other in between meetings around the big ideas shared, and we will play a leading role in facilitating this

Among the questions we’ve tackled:

  • In the context of manufacturing at scale: a) what have we learned so far from our thinking or our work, b) what are the biggest obstacles that lie ahead of us and c) how are we aiming to overcome them?
  • What strategies are we proposing for mitigating host versus graft rejection and graft versus host reaction?
  • What strategies can be proposed to better predict product related and patient clinical safety risks

Among the resources we’ve shared:

  • Regulatory Strategies for Accelerated Cell Therapy Development Presentation from the Allogeneic Cell Therapies conference
  • Allogeneic Accelerated Development Network Member Fact Cards
  • Pre-Meeting Member Question Responses